Technical top performances in harmony with nature

Enviroment protection is an opportunity, not a burden we have to bear
Helmut Sihler, Austrian top manager

  • Active conservation

    As a modern industrial company we are aware of our responsibility for our environment. Today and in future we will promote projects to save our planet. The Wilhelm Kneitz company high-end technology with “green fingers”.

  • Wilhelm Kneitz plants a Ginko tree

  • The new installed solar power system measuring 1,500 square meters

  • Modern and visionary

    Therefore, we try to set a good example by using ecological manufacturing processes. Thanks to our modern technology, no toxic waste or polluted water develops during production. Furthermore, since 2011 our own solar power system creates one third of the electricity that we need in our factory.


Herbert-Kneitz-Straße 32
D-95339 Wirsberg