Textile diversity

  • Our high-quailiy textiles can be used not only in the automotive sector, but also in many other fields of application.

  • The high endurance and durability of our products make Kneitz textiles to an ideal solution for almost every sector of textile technology.


  • Utility vehicles

    Kneitz textiles are also ideal for use in utility vehicles, for example as seat covers in any kind of driver´s cab. Good-looking and durable, our automotive textiles can be used in every kind of vehicle. Our technical textiles, on the other hand, render important services in many areas of vehicle drapery. Used as insulation, mud trap and in many other areas, you can rely on our textiles.

  • Public transport

    Seat covers in buses and trains have to fulfil many requirements, such as being dirt-repellent, tear-proof, easy to handle and extremely durable. Our complex test procedures ensure that Kneitz textiles are the ideal solution for use in public transport systems. We create your draperies at unattained standards in design and quality.

  • Technical textiles

    The application range of technical textiles is very diverse today. It extends from the medical sector to automotive technology. Thanks to our knowhow and our experience, we develop textile solutions that match your company´s demands perfectly.


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