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We never stop or rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we are continuously developing ourselves and our textiles. We create individual designs and new, high-quality fabrics and work on continuously improving and optimising quality and the production processes.

For us, development means the tailor-made design of the textile surfaces and the selection of the best possible fabric setting and yarns. As the process continues, we agree on the finishing parameters with our partner companies and coordinate the lamination on the back of the fabric with special nonwoven fabrics, foams, foils, spacer fabrics, etc.

The design and development department works hand in hand with the in-house test laboratory to ensure your high requirements are met.


By collecting specific production waste and processing it mechanically, we are able to use valuable secondary raw materials in this collection. This waste is processed into high-quality yarns by one of our regional partners. We then turn these yarns into fabrics that meet the highest requirements and are suitable for use in high-end interiors.


We are also investigating renewable raw materials and their suitability for our areas of application or the possibilities of composting for textile materials. We work closely with well-known research institutions, yarn manufacturers and other innovative companies.


Due to the increasing use of yarns made from secondary raw materials (e.g., drinking bottles can be spun), we reduce the proportion of petroleum-based raw materials. We are also working on single-origin solutions for the cover materials, thereby creating the possibility of reuse and making an important contribution to the circular economy.


Here we are investigating how we can make our textile surfaces glow and so further adapt the interior to human needs. We are looking to cooperate with processing companies so that we can use the broadest possible know-how.

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