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Technical top performance in harmony with nature

“Environmental protection is an opportunity and not a burden that we have to bear.”

As a modern industrial company, we are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and future generations. That is why we set a good example in the area of sustainable production facilities:

  • • State-of-the-art technology in all areas means no toxins or wastewater requiring treatment are discharged into the environment during production.
    • We generate 10% of our electricity needs in an environmentally friendly manner with 1,500 m2 of photovoltaic systems, installed in 2011 and then expanded in 2016.
    • In 2016 the heating system was converted to low-temperature technology with a large heat accumulator. We use the waste heat from all our compressors to heat our buildings via heat exchangers. This saves us 30% heating energy and thus also reduces our CO2 footprint.
    • In 2018, our compressed air combined heat and power plant for generating compressed air was put into operation – a further milestone in saving energy costs and working in a way that conserves resources. We are one of the first in Germany to use this technology and generate our compressed air around the clock from the primary energy source natural gas. Here, too, the resulting waste heat is stored and used to heat our spaces.

  • We will continue to drive forward other projects in the future to relieve the burden on the environment. Wilhelm Kneitz AG – High tech with green fingers!

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